Queen's Guide Award

The Queen’s Guide award is open to members aged 16 to 25 and is the highest award you can work towards in guiding. Candidates map their own path through the award, challenging themselves throughout. It is celebrated in Girlguiding as well as looking fantastic on applications for employment and/or further education.

The award combines commitment to guiding, personal development and community action and must be completed within three years. It is split into five sections:

  1. Service in guiding
  2. Outdoor challenge
  3. Personal skill development
  4. Community action
  5. Residential

Visit the Girlguiding websitefor full details of the award syllabus and requirements. We appreciate that a lot can change in life between the ages of 16 and 25 as members move to employment and / or further education. Perhaps unique to BGO is that for some of our members this involves moving countries. BGO’s Queen’s Guide adviser will support all candidates through their award to ensure they remain up to date with available opportunities, are linked to local guiding if they relocate during the award and support candidates to take a short break in the award if needed. Interested in signing up, or want to know more?

Contact BGO’s Queen’s Guide adviser

Service in Guiding element 4: BGO opportunities

The Queen’s Guide award resource provides suggestions of what counts towards element 4 of the Service in Guiding section of the award. National Girlguiding opportunities are advertised on the Girlguiding website. BGO will look to provide opportunities both at regional and county level, that count towards this section. Opportunities will be advertised here. Candidates are encouraged to regularly check this page to see the current opportunities available.

The Young Leader Programme

The Young Leader qualification (YLQ) is designed to help 14- 18 year-old young women who are in guiding take an active, positive part in running a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit.

What's involved?

The Young Leader qualification is made up of six practical modules, which are completed at the same time as volunteering with a unit.

  • Module 1: GO and sectional training – focuses on the Girlguiding membership system (GO) and learning more about the section you are working with.
  • Module 2: Leadership – looks at different leadership styles and when you should use them, for example with girls of different ages.
  • Module 3: Planning – allows you to demonstrate how well you understand the programme for the section you volunteer with. It'll help you to make sure that the programme is right for the range of ages and abilities in your unit, that all girls take part in planning the programme, and the activities are enjoyable for the girls.
  • Module 4: Working with girls – allows you to demonstrate that you understand the girls you work with and can provide the best opportunities for them to grow and develop.
  • Module 5: Local guiding – looks at the structure of guiding in your local area and how you're supported within this.
  • Module 6: Your role in guiding – is about you showing that you understand the Promise and Law, and your commitment to guiding.

If you are interested why not contact Vicki, our BGO Young Leader adviser as well as talking to your unit leader. Both will be very happy to help you.

Young Leader Booklet

Link for Leaders