First Response Training


First Response is Girlguiding's own first aid course. It will train you to provide first aid to members in emergencies - in or outside of your unit meeting place and covers simple life-saving first aid skills that are relevant to your role, helping you to develop the confidence and skills required to cope with emergency and first aid situations and understand how to manage them.

Volunteers completing the Leadership Qualification and all commissioners, are required to complete this course or an externally provided alternative covering the same syllabus - but every BGO volunteer is encouraged to do so. It's especially useful for all leaders, young leaders and unit helpers.

The course is comprised of two parts - a mandatory e-learning, and a 6hr training session which can be delivered either in-person or virtually using an online platform with practical skills assessed in-person.

One person at every unit meeting must have a valid first aid qualification and both the elements of First Response described above must be completed in order to be recognised as a first aider in Girlguiding. Please check out the First Response pages on the Girlguiding website for more information, and the link to the mandatory e-learning.

First Response training is valid for three years. Six months before your training expires, you'll be sent a reminder so you can arrange to redo the course.

After you've done the training, your GO record will be updated.

You can check your own record - your First Response trainings will be under ‘My Achievements’, and if you are a unit leader you will also be able to check the training for the other volunteers in your unit by viewing them under the sub-heading, ‘Individuals’. You can then select ‘View Achievements’ as your ‘Action’ and see that leader’s completed courses and e-learnings. Please talk to your commissioner about accessing the training you, or anyone in your team needs, and if you have any further queries regarding this, please do get in touch.

Extra Information

If, when completing the e-learning, concerns arise regarding the accessibility of the telephone numbers given in section 3 – ‘Responding’ re: ‘Very serious incidents or death’, due to these being UK telephone numbers operating at UK appropriate times, please remember and share with your team members, that in any such situation, volunteers should always immediately inform their commissioner who will be able to offer support and guidance.

If you already have a first aid qualification that you believe can be accredited, please also discuss this with your local commissioner. Once identified, any element of the Girlguiding First Response course which is not covered by an external course can then be ‘topped up’ with one of the First Response training team. Please note - some outdoor activity qualifications require you to complete a longer course so please check the Girlguiding website and contact your local commissioner about this too.

Commissioners can contact the First Response training team by emailing to arrange a Girlguiding course or discuss arranging an externally provided course. Please note that any externally provided courses should follow UK guidance regarding first aid, e.g. re: the use of tourniquets.

Also, if you require any advice or assistance regarding inclusion, our BGO Inclusion Adviser, (who also is also the chair of our BGO Awards Committee), can be contacted at and will be very happy to help.

Finally, regarding the two hour refresher version of the First Response course that Girlguiding previously had - this option ended on 31st December 2020 so that we are consistent with other standard first aid providers. The refresher course is therefore no longer an option for volunteers.