Leadership Qualifications

All Girlguiding leaders have completed, or are working towards, the Girlguiding leadership qualification (LQ). The LQ is very flexible and all leaders in training also have an appointed mentor to help them along their way. Your mentor will be outside of your local guiding team and is there to offer support, answer any questions, and sign completed clauses off.

The current LQ has 4 modules, the first 3 of which are compulsory, and module 4 (‘Your role in managing the unit’), which is optional for assistant leaders and only required for unit leaders. It covers managing record-keeping systems and effective communication in your area.

You can start working towards your leadership qualification when you are 16, but can only become a qualified leader once you have reached 18. Please note that you should not complete A Safe Space level 3 training, which is recommended for all leaders, until you are over 18 as this training is not designed for those younger than this.

The current LQ is due to be updated in the very near future but please don’t worry if you have already started your qualification as you will be able to complete the LQ you have started without having to transfer.

There is more information in the BGO LQ document below, and on the Leadership Qualification page of the Girlguiding website.

If you are already a qualified leader, and are changing section, please note that there is now a checklist that you can work through with your mentor or local commissioner, as opposed to you having to complete Module 1 again for your new section.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the email address gdev@british-girlguiding-overseas.org.uk

Forthcoming Trainings

As soon as we are able, in person training events will be back so please watch this space!

Leadership Qualification

BGO LQ Document