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Sept 2019

Welcome back blog:

Hello everyone,

I hope that you all had a fantastic summer with time to get together with family and friends, maybe visit somewhere new but mainly just chill!

For some of our leaders and girls, summer was time for more adventurous guiding.

8 of our young women and 1 leader took part in the World Scout Jamboree and had a ball. Activities were vast, varied and consisted of taking over Time Square, seeing bears, talking to a member of the ground team for Apollo 11, paddleboarding, smashing cars, musical messy chairs and rattle bottle. While we need to wait for the new newsletter to find out more, here’s Jodie’s summary of the impact the event has had on her :

Overall I think Jamboree has made me more independent but also more accepting and open to different cultures, it was the best experience of my life and I truly will never forget it. I think the experience will help me later on in life as well if I ever want to work internationally or with different cultures. I know for sure that I want to attend the next jamboree as an IST or just a helper. Being part of Jamboree made me feel like I was part of something huge and life-changing and I'm very proud to be a part of that. I’ve made lifelong friends on this camp.

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it ?!

Meanwhile, over 200 Brownies, Guides, Rangers, leaders and recognised volunteers took over Whitemoor Lakes at our Compass event. The latest newsletter has shown you what went on – fun, friendship, laughter, taking courage into our hands to try new activities, adult training, meeting lots of new people…and catching back up with friends from previous events. After dreadful weather in the Midlands the week before, we were lucky as the sun shone part of every day and it was only once at the end of the wide game that we needed to dash for cover.

There were lots of highlights in the week but there are two that I’d like to share with you now.

The first is I was delighted and honoured to help our Queen’s Guide Adviser Bethan, present Elin with her Queen’s Guide award!! Elin worked very, very hard to complete all that was required to obtain this award, which is a truly great achievement and Bethan worked hard to accompany her. The brilliant news is, we have three other young women working towards their Queens Guide award, so we will gladly have continuing work to do to support them.

The second highlight is we were very fortunate to have the team of Fiss, Mhaira and Emma giving Peer Educator training to 20 of our Rangers. Looking in on the sessions, the girls were having great fun, sometimes eating, sometimes reflecting and often challenging themselves to find the confidence to lead meetings with the support of leaders. The end result means that we now have more Peer Educators all around BGO who are ready and willing to give sessions to Brownies, Guides and Rangers. Continuing the success theme was Lauren’s achievement. Lauren came to Compass as an already qualified Peer Ed so she gave several Peer Ed sessions. This enabled her to complete her Peer Ed bronze award.

BGO has many reasons to be very proud of our young members.

Most of us have already, or will be very shortly, returning to weekly guiding.

We will be welcoming new girls and seeing the older girls looking after the new as well as making new volunteers feel welcome and part of our guiding family.

Lynne, our Growth Adviser, has developed a welcome booklet to help new volunteers to find their feet. There is space in the booklet for you to add local information and you will receive a copy of it in a welcome back to guiding email coming your way very soon.

As always at the beginning of the new guiding year, could I ask you please to ensure that the GO records for your units are correct – you have entered the meeting place address, day and time of meetings and the frequency of the meetings. Leading on from this is, of course, ensuring that all member information is up to date, how often do we discover that people have moved over the summer or have changed their telephone or emergency contact information?!

A final plea from me is to please make sure that you have completed the safe space level 1 and 2 training, both of which are e-learnings. There is a new quiz to complete the level 2 training and Hazel is sending everyone more information about this in her welcome back to guiding email. Please remember at the end of the training you must complete the survey monkey to validate the level, if not it won’t record on your GO record – believe me I know!

At Compass the awards committee sat for the second time. If you think a volunteer or girl in your area of BGO should be recognised for the extra special work or effort they put in, please do get in touch with Adele, the chair of the awards committee. She will answer any questions you have. You’ll find her email address on the contact page of the BGO website.

We need your help in recognising the wonderful guiding that is going on in BGO so please don’t be shy. We want to say thank you and a brooch is a wonderful way to do this!!

I hope that you all have a fantastic term with your units and as always many thanks for all that you do.

Best wishes