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Hello everyone,

I am delighted to say that BGO has new thanks and recognition awards. 

There are volunteers in BGO who deserve to be acknowledged for their outstanding service to guiding. Do you know one of these volunteers? If so why not nominate them for a BGO or national Girlguiding award?

For national Girlguiding awards:

Girlguiding has several ways of saying thank you to its thousands of volunteers. For those volunteers who provide outstanding service nominations can be made by their peers for a regional or national guiding award. Nationally there are the Good Service, Laurel and Silver Fish award for volunteers aged over 18 years. For those who are aged 5- 26 years there is the Guiding Star award.

For more information about national Girlguiding awards see the Thanks and Recognition page on the Girlguiding website.

For the new BGO thanks and recognition awards:

The brooch designs for the adult awards have been chosen by our volunteers and the young member’s award has been designed and chosen by our young members. There is the Silver Galleon Award which is awarded at the discretion of the Chief Commissioner, the BGO Good Service Award for adult volunteers, the BGO Young Person’s Award and a Thank You Brooch for all members.

For more details about the BGO Good Service and Chief Commissioner’s Award, BGO Young Person’s Award and the BGO Thank You Brooch see the links below.

There are also links to some supporting information to help you put together an award nomination, guidelines for writing letters and nomination forms.

The awards committee sat for the first time on Saturday 16th February 2019. The next meeting of the awards committee will be at the end of July 2019 so please get your nominations in in good time.

Best wishes



At the Spring meeting of the recently formed awards committee the following awards were decided and presentations made to the following:

BGO Good Service Brooch

Lindsay Walker - Toulouse

Lynn Callet - I’ile de France

BGO Thank you Brooch

Louise Al Rumaithi - Abu Dhabi

Elaine Lunt - Abu Dhabi

Khamis Al Rumaithi - Abu Dhabi

Caroline Coleman - Dubai

Alicia Hol - Dubai

Katherine Ingram-Johnson - Dubai

Kylie Irvine - Dubai

Jo Hollingworth - Singapore 

Clare Humphreys - Singapore

Julie Clark - Singapore

Melanie Bilsland - Singapore

Nicky Parker - Kulua Lumpa

Christina Work - Brussels

Francine Coles - Friends of BGO

National Girlguiding Good Service Brooch

Adele Steel - Abu Dhabi

Awards Criteria

Process for submitting an application

Guidance notes

Nomination Form