What is British Girlguiding Overseas

British Girlguiding Overseas is part of UK Girlguiding and began as BGIFC. It has been in existence since 1911.

These units are based in many parts of the world, either in UK Overseas Territories, or in areas where it is impossible or inappropriate, for reasons such as language or culture, for the girls to join the local national organisation.

The Branch Associations, (guiding associations in the UK Overseas Territories) were welcomed into BGO in 2020. These countries have voted to keep their links with the United Kingdom. Each territory has its own government and HM the Queen is represented by a governor.

All BGO members make the same promise as in the UK, follow the current programme as appropriate to their section and wherever possible follow the the policy and rules of Girlguiding.

Galleon Badge

All British Girlguiding Overseas members wear a galleon badge. This is the equivalent of a country or region badge such as that worn by members of some UK countries and regions.

British Girlguiding Overseas began as British Guides in Foreign Countries in 1911 and as more units were form, members wanted a corporate identity.

Our badge is a galleon sailing across the ocean in the colours of the British flag - red white and blue - representing the adventurous spirit of those taking British guiding around the world.

How is British Girlguiding Overseas run?

The UK Chief Guide appoints a Chief Commissioner, who is a member of Girlguiding’s Operations Board along with other Country and Region Chiefs.

The Chief Commissioner is supported by an executive committee and by the commissioners and advisers she appoints. Some of these are members of the executive.

BGO also has support from staff at Girlguiding HQ, particularly as regards membership and GO, safeguarding, PR and communications and major events such as a biennial residential activities event in the UK.